Personal Finance is more


Financial planning isn't really about income statements, balance sheets, your net worth or investments -- it's about behavior. Humans are rarely entirely rational people. We are prone to impulse decisions fueled by emotions -- hope, greed, fear, uncertainty, and jealousy to name a few.

Additionally, we all have unconscious biases and skewed perceptions of information, especially when it pertains to our own lives.


So what...?


So maybe there's more to successful investing than what most financial advisors want us to believe.

But not all financial professionals are the same.

What if the PLAN -- with your unique needs, input, and peace-of-mind actually came first?

Canopy Financial Solutions was created on this premise


  • Taking a "coach approach" to financial advising -- meaning your WHY is more important than the WHAT

  • Would you hire a contractor to build a house without seeing any blueprints? Of course not -- so why build a portfolio without a plan?

  • Your investment portfolio is certainly important, but it represents just one portion of a sturdy plan

  • Your input, interaction and accountability is critical to your financial success

  • In addition to the traditional client-advisor relationship, we can also empower you to manage your own money -- develop a financial plan that you can implement on your own


What Makes Canopy Different?

In such an unpredictable world, transparency and consistency are important. Searching for a financial advisor, planner, broker, or any agent can be stressful and downright frightening. The first thing I want you to notice about Canopy Financial Solutions is the ability to meet the unique needs and personalities of my clients.

Ther are many opportunities for us to work together to achieve your goals. Although most investors choose to have professional oversight and management of their investment assets, some may prefer to maintain control of their portfolios with a do-it-yourself approach.


Whether you choose to deploy your financial canopy with the aid of a static line or by pulling your own rip cord, we are here to help you reach your objective.